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About Us

Kolo Medical is the world leader in the next generation of semiconductor ultrasound technology.  Our innovative design and patented approach with Capacitive Micromachined Transducers (CMUT) are establishing a new performance standard in medical diagnostic imaging.  This unique approach in overcoming the challenges of CMUT technology establishes Kolo Medical as a leader in offering a suite of commercially available transducers, and ushers in the dawn of the silicon age of ultrasound imaging.

Inspired by this mission, Kolo has brought together a world class team from the semiconductor and medical imaging industries. Our founders, originally from the research group at Stanford University that invented the CMUT technology, have continued to develop and patent the most advanced innovations in this field.  Our management team is comprised of seasoned executives and world-renowned technology pioneers.

We offer a portfolio of SiliconWaveTM transducers available for a wide range of platforms to clinical and research markets.  Our technology establishes exceptional performance for high and ultra high frequency imaging, imaging traditional PZT technology struggles to provide.

Kolo technology is adaptable to unique and new applications in diagnostic imaging that are not possible with PZT technologies.   Kolo technology delivers advantages in device size, cost, yield, bandwidth, ASIC integration, and heat generation.