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Kolo Medical is a world leader in next generation semiconductor(silicon) ultrasound transducer technology. We are the first company to make Kolo's SiliconWaveTM transducer technology a practical alternative to PZT transducers, thus uniquely positioned to set a new performance standard in clinical diagnostic imaging. Our design and engineering innovations will establish the silicon age of ultrasound imaging.

Kolo has brought together a team of world-class talent from the medical ultrasound and semiconductor industries. Our founders, originally from the research group at Stanford University that invented the CMUT technology, have more than 30 years' experience in silicon transducer innovation. Their expertise in developing the most advanced innovations in this field puts Kolo in an enviable position, with more than 40+ patents and impressive IP. Our management team is comprised of seasoned executives and world-renowned technology pioneers from market leading companies, known for their experience in developing and commercializing emerging innovative technologies.

Kolo's proprietary transducer technology delivers an unprecedented level of performance in the area of ultra-high resolution imaging. We offer a portfolio of innovative transducers to meet our customers' diagnostic imaging needs and enable new applications in areas that are not currently developed due to limitations of existing PZT transducer technology.

In the last few decades, medical ultrasound systems have been revolutionized by advances in semiconductor technology. One exception has been the ultrasound transducer. Traditionally, transducers are developed from a ceramic material known as PZT. The production of PZT transducers relies on old and outdated manufacturing methods. The hand-built process is complex, creating inefficiencies in many critical areas, i.e. poor yield and uniformity. The intrinsic shortcomings of PZT technology include low bandwidth and heat production, which in turn, impose technological limits to further improvements.

With diagnostic imaging moving towards high-frequency and 3D/4D imaging, a new approach is needed.

Kolo Medical is dedicated to providing a portfolio of SiliconWaveTM transducer technology probes for medical ultrasound imaging. Our proprietary designs and manufacturing methods are a result of our decade-long research and development work. Combining advanced semiconductor fabrication technology such as photolithography and thin-film deposition and etching with Kolo developed and patented SiliconWaveTM technology, we are able to deliver a new level of diagnostic performance. Performance not attainable with traditional PZT.

Kolo transducers are compatible with and provide significant performance improvements to current and next generation ultrasound systems.

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